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I was born and raised in Lambeth. Most of the poems I've performed were inspired by the things I saw and experienced in this borough growing up. So when I was approached with the concept of Elevate, it felt like a no brainer. Elevate was conceived to open up the creative and cultural industry for under-reprsented people in Lambeth.

Key Achievements

• ELEVATE Neighbourhoods was successfully launched, developed and overseen by myself and other Elevators.

• 7 creative projects were delivered for young people in Lambeth.

• 253 young people took part in ELEVATE Neighbourhoods projects, with 121 seeing projects through to completion.

• Across all projects some participants reported strengthened leadership and skills; enhanced knowledge of the creative sector and a positive increase in well-being.

• Organisations reported stronger networks and connectivity within the creative organisations in the borough.

• A new delivery model was explored, allowing positive dialogue amongst communities in Lambeth.

• ELEVATE delivered a positive and well-supported grant giving programme that benefited organisations and young people.

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