Abstract Benna has been in love with the art of storytelling ever since he could talk. He started to pursue his passion at the Roundhouse where he used the creative environment to hone his craft while performing at various Galas and Chairman’s Dinners. His poetic storytelling ability mixed with rhyme and vivid, soul stirring imagery quickly gained the attention of the corporate world and he continues to write/perform and run workshops for various brands.


My storytelling-through-verse is fuelled by exploration of what it means to be a flawed human and how we can grow together while pushing the cultures that

unite us forward.

There’s so much potential on a blank sheet of paper. Every time I pick up the pen

to delve into that potential my aim is to capture culture and my place in it.


as a Human.

as a Man.

as part of London’s Black Diaspora…

                                                  …in the hopes that every listening ear can then find their place within culture and do their part to push it forward.