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AI Couldn't Write This

The poem above is about the power of art as well as a motivation piece for my artistic peers who know first hand that this journey we're on can feel like an uphill battle.

Poet Laureate for Lambeth

I officially became Poet Laureate For Lambeth on October 27th last year at my Inauguration event at Queen Elizabeth hall on the Southbank. As a performance Poet, Storyteller, writer, I've performed for various brands. Virgin Media, National Lottery, Roundhouse, Bacardi, Elevate and many others. I've run workshops and performed across the country to all kinds of crowds, all kinds of sizes from 10 people to 2000 people.


It's the people in this borough that helped me make a living from doing what I started out doing for fun. But it hasn't been easy. Establishing the Poet Laureate post is for the writer who needs a platform that hopefully gives them some protective layers as they make their way through the glass ceiling. Being a creative, an artist and an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey. Having a whole borough behind you is literally a stepping stone.

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